UKS Training

The Training Division seeks to entrench UKS as a role player in the Information, Training and development environment. Our mission is to provide our customers with optimal levels of training, imparting skills with a total commitment to the software that we supply, maintain and endorse. We are driven to accomplish this mission by:

  • Constantly researching training needs.
  • Developing tailored training courses as per the client’s and market needs.
  • Planning, preparation and execution of high-level training course material.
  • Keeping abreast of the education and training environment that we serve.
  • Providing training that complies with national and international standards.

The Training Division is comprised of skilled staff who are experts in their fields. They are experienced and have specialist knowledge on the basic, intermediate and advanced levels of all our different software solutions. We have a steadfast ethic that our customers must be given the best and up to date training at all times. We conduct training at our offices, as well as at our customer sites and online. Thus, our trainers afford themselves the opportunity of engaging customers in their own workspaces. Our classes are relaxed, and follow an even pace. The Training Division is there to help the customer every step of the way, from the moment a course is booked, through to course completion.

Training is aimed at policy makers, managers, librarians, library assistants, as well as anyone working within the library and information sector in both public and private entities.  The training material is aligned with the information needs of the target audience. Training needs analysis is done to direct the training development based on the needs in libraries and information centers. Universal Knowledge Software is committed to ensure that quality learning material and content are provided to learners and are regularly revised and updated.

We have a dedicated team that:

  • Deals and handle affairs of the Training Component of the company.
  • Resolve appeal matters or problem occurrences, and ensure maximum objectivity.
  • Regularly consider course material/curricula for review and revision.
  • Commit itself to ensure that all training courses addresses contemporary issues and proper functioning of local government/municipalities; matters pertinent to service delivery and professional development of officials. This must be based on established SETA standards.
  • Identify opportunities and resources to draw on when developing curricula or course material.
  • Recommend a time frame for implementation of training sessions.
  • Appoint and approve external facilitators, moderators and assessors when needed.
  • Oversee implementation of all training courses and proper functioning of the training division
  • Available to render extra support to learners who have been identified as having special needs

Accredited/Non Accredited Courses

Universal Knowledge Software Training Division is a fully Accredited Training Provider with the QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupation) and ETDP SETA (Education, Training and Development).

We offer accredited courses and non-accredited courses suited to each individual’s needs. Finding the best solution and training opportunity for the identified gaps.

Don’t Fail To Plan

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