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The global leader in inventory and shelf reading robots for libraries.

World’s first HF RFID Shelf reading robot for the libraries.


World’s first HF RFID Shelf reading robot for the libraries that all librarians dream to have one. Aurora works independently, works in collaboration with the ground staff, auto charges itself, and always completes its task.

Aurora exhaustively scans all reading materials on the library shelves, especially great to locate misplaced or mis sequenced books in the library

Achieving upper 99 accuracy of data from RFID scanning, can work around the clock without rest, resulting in improved productivity and staff job satisfaction for libraries


With the Aurora shelf reading robot, shelf reading process are efficiently carried out Library operator, using the shelf reading robot system will be able to efficiently sort the books on shelves, with minimum effort and man power.

The Aurora Shelf reading Robot System is capable of providing the exact location of library items in shelf, tier and bay level which makes it easier for both staffs and patrons to find books in the library Special categories of missing, misplaced books, and books from other branches can also be easily identified Locating such books quickly provides a huge value to the library operator.

The Aurora shelf reading robot provides an elegant solution to the library stock take, with the accuracy up to 99 It is able to identify the library books through automated and autonomous scanning Daily stock data is also updated in real time as it scans the shelves This will replace the traditional stock take where it could only happen at a periodic time and usually take up to a few days to complete.

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