Digitization and i2S

At UKS, we take pride in our partnership with i2S, a leading international supplier dedicated to preserving and disseminating the world’s heritage through cutting-edge image acquisition, processing, and dissemination solutions.

Together, we offer innovative solutions that encompass every aspect of the digitization process, from image capture to enhancement and sharing. Our diverse and valuable collection of books and historical document scanners cater to various formats, ensuring comprehensive digitization solutions for libraries.

To streamline the digitization process, we provide a wide range of software solutions from i2S’s LIMB Suite, designed to manage the entire workflow seamlessly, from image capture to dissemination. Trust UKS and i2S to safeguard and share precious knowledge and history through the power of advanced digitization technology.

Our Services


Book scanners and software solutions for libraries, archives, universities and other institutions.

Health and Well-Being

Specialized cameras and OEM integrated 2D/3D vision systems for medical and biomedical applications.

Underwater Imaging

Underwater cameras for ROV, AUV and/or professional divers to improve observation conditions in turbid water.

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i2S is one of the founders of the standards - ISO 19264

Phenomena such as moiré, false colours, and noise “debayering” all hinder the analysis of an image and therefore diagnostic decisions. 

Our team relentlessly pursues innovative improvements for image quality and is always furthering the performance of its algorithms.

i2S, also a leader in the field of heritage digitization, contributed to the development of the ISO 19264 standards to characterize the quality of an image and obtained **** FADGI for most of its scanners. 

Having confidence in the image for better diagnostic assistance. 

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i2S – Projects for heritage digitization

Graduate Institute - Geneva

These days, more and more libraries are undertaking digitization campaigns of their curated works. There are several reasons for this: to provide an alternative means of consulting heritage collections, to provide access to research tools for corpora or collections, to offer printing services, to run training workshops, to create educational resources, and to disseminate knowledge locally or remotely via online libraries.

Jamia Millia Islamia University

A growing number of university libraries are now engaged in digitization campaigns. The digitization of university book collections has become essential for various reasons, such as the need for an alternative means of consultation, access to research tools for corpora or collections, printing services, training workshops, the creation of educational materials, and sharing content locally or remotely through online libraries…