Library Security Solutions

Dialoc ID started as a manufacturer of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, using Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

With more than 30 years of experience, Dialoc ID in partnership with UKS, offers Africa’s library solutions in EM, RFID (HF & UHF) and Hybrid (EM/HF & EM/UHF) technology.

Library Security

Our products are well-known for their excellent performance, reliability and modern design, fitting every library environment.

Whether it concerns self-service systems, security gates, intelligent bookcases, sorting or inventory systems, membership cards and pass printers, book labels, personnel solutions, or other electronic tools that are at the service of today’s modern library; they must be distinctive in terms of innovation, sustainability and energy consumption.

The Dialoc ID products are developed and manufactured in the Netherlands and installed throughout the world. Our products meet international standards and are well-known for their:

  • Excellent performance
  • Reliability
  • Modern design

Self Service Solutions

Self service is crucial in the service of libraries to customers. The self service products of Dialoc ID have an ergonomically and high-tech design that fits perfectly into the logistic process of the library. The 22″ HD touch screen together with the integrated receipt printer, readers and barcode scanners for items and cards are designed in one compact stylish high-quality, housing, and therefore easy to relocate in a library. 

Compatible with:

  • EM(Electromagnetic)
  • RFID (HF)
  • Hybrid EM/HF when both technologies are used

Self-service stations in libraries improve efficiency by allowing patrons to check out materials quickly and independently. They also reduce staff workload and improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities. These stations improve the overall experience for all patrons by making it easier and more convenient to access library resources.


With RFID you can not only secure items but also identify them. RFID labels can trigger an alarm in RFID security gates. The information programmed in the label can also be used as an item identifier at a workstation of an employee. RFID technology is also very successfully used in self-service in libraries to enable members to check in and out their items. 

  • RFID staff stations
  • RFID self service
  • RFID inventory
  • RFID card reader
  • RFID security detection systems
  • RFID tags

The evolution in recent decades in RFID in general and our RFID systems in particular are increasingly meeting the specific needs of library users and staff. The self-service systems accelerate the circulation traffic of books and other library materials highly intuitively. Moreover, you can process multiple items at the same time.

Ensuring the circulation traffic is more efficient and accurate. The RFID security gates at the library exit detect when an item is not properly checked out. Library staff can therefor concentrate more on their core tasks instead of dealing with the circulation traffic.

Wireless (WiFi) mobile inventory scanners also use RFID. Library items with RFID labels can be identified without having to remove the items from the shelves. With a quick scan of the shelves, employees can update the collection, search for incorrectly placed items, scan through the inventory and search for missed items.

With RFID staff workstations staff can check items in and out more easily and quickly. RFID is essential for the operation, speed and efficiency of sorting lines.

Electromagnetic (EM)

Electromagnetic (EM) security technology has been used in the library for a number of decades for the protection of valuable library collections. It still is the ultimate theft protection technology. The security labels are equipped with special magnetic materials that respond to low-frequency magnetic fields generated by security systems at the exit of the library. 

  • EM staff station
  • EM self service
  • EM security detection systems
  • EM labels

EM technology offers unique security for two reasons: (1) the EM labels are invisible, they are hidden in the spine of a book or between the pages, and (2) it is almost impossible to shield the signal from the EM labels. Because of the fact that EM labels are so difficult to shield and difficult to remove, conventional shoplifting and shielding methods as described above cannot be used to steal items.

All security gates of Dialoc ID are characterized by the same elegant appearance combined with the high quality of workmanship, choice of materials and durability. The gates are suitable for multiple installations because they are easy to interconnect.

Hybrid (RFID/EM)

Electromagnetic (EM) technology is the best choice for securing valuable items in libraries. However, when efficient processing of materials is a priority, RFID is ideal. For libraries looking for ultimate security and efficiency, a hybrid solution is the perfect answer. 

  • Hybrid staff station
  • Hybrid self service
  • Hybrid security detection systems

The Dialoc ID Hybrid systems combine RFID and EM technology without compromising on accuracy and efficiency. If a library wants to switch to RFID in the future but does not want to transfer the entire collection in one go, the hybrid technology can come in handy.