Configuration and Data Mapping

As part of the migration project we do comprehensive workshops on configuration of the system and data mapping.

Symphony is a powerful and flexible collection management system that can greatly enhance the service delivered by the library. Symphony has been designed to reflect the policies and practices of differing libraries. It does not dictate them. Part of this flexibility is achieved through the ability to configure and customize a wide range of functions. The purpose of configuration workshop is to provide guidance on the completion of a configuration document to help us pre-configure your Symphony system so that what we deliver meets your initial requirements as closely as possible.

The library’s collection is one of the most important parts of a library and having a proper database is imperative as this reflects the status of your collection. A correct database also helps operations in your library as finding material is easier and you can make informed decisions when expanding your collection.

In the data mapping workshop, we compare your current collection with MARC21 standards to ensure data is mapped to the correct fields for the data migration process. This sets a good foundation for the data migration process.

Data Migration

Our data migration process is one of the most critical stages of any conversion. We follow a tried-and- tested process to ensure consistency and reliability for all data migrations.

During the migration process, data needs to be moved from one database to another. UKS handles data migration very seriously as the databases are built up over numerous man hours of work spanning over several years, if not decades. Our process includes key elements such as reviewing a sample of the existing database, data mapping workshop, test loads, in-house and customer testing, corrective actions and two data loads. The process is concluded with a sign-off of the migration to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the final results.

Availability of Test Environment

A testing environment, or “sandbox”, can be provided with generic data. Once the project is approved, the Client will have a test environment, as well as a live environment. Should the Client require a development environment, this will also be installed.

UKS Unique Support Service Offering

Our support team comprises highly skilled and experience software engineers, qualified librarians, specialist trainers and programmers who often combine efforts to provide you with excellent service, such as:

Software Solutions


Data Conversion



Project Management