About Us

UKS – Past, Present, Future:

UKS – Past, Present, Future:

Was founded in 1998 after two South African software companies merged and was listed on the JSE for many years. In 2005, CEO Neesha Ramsumar assumed the responsibility of the company allowing for a management buy-out in 2017.

Increasingly, UKS is evolving and focusing its attention to the EdTech space, specifically library solutions, digitisation, online learning, and training.

UKS is expanding and concentrating on optimizing the use of technology in coding and Robotics, software development, learning platforms and Data Compliance.


“But just buckle in with a bit of a grin,

Just take off your coat and go to it;

Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing

That “cannot be done,” and you’ll do it…”

–        Edgar Albert Guest

Social Responsibility Initiatives:

The “Innovative Librarian ” competition was started in response to Covid-19 challenges, as method to encourage people to get involved in uplifting communities as well as helping schools with stationery and hardware needs during these unprecedented times.

As a sponsor of the annual LIASA “Librarian of the Year” competition, we thank librarians for their contributions to their communities. In addition, UKS diligently sponsor prizes for reading and literacy competitions.

UKS – Gender Policies / Empowerment:

Investing in social equity and gender equality, UKS is a BBBEE1 certified company. As a female-owned company, UKS embodies gender empowerment policies, with 70% of its employee’s being women. This ethos directly permeates the organization and translates to exemplary customer support and service.

UKS's Vision

UKS aims to become the LEADING INNOVATION PARTNER for the library sector in Africa

We believe in the power of libraries which transform, improve, and enrich our communities. We recognize the importance of libraries and want to help them thrive. It is our goal to support libraries as they evolve in an increasingly digital world.

UKS is dedicated in bringing the focus to the library, and keeping it there. We are always looking for ways to help libraries engage with their communities to cement their value. We provide libraries with the tools to help fulfil their vision.

UKS commits to creating the Best Library User Experience (BLUE). Whether it’s staff or patron, we always have the end-user in mind. BLUE is what pushes us to continue growing, creating and developing software and services for libraries.

Our software and services are open and flexible so libraries can connect to other vendors of their choice. Throughout the years UKS has made strong connections with content providers from all over the globe. We believe their input is crucial to the creation of useful, intuitive tools.