Underwater Imaging

Underwater imagery is illustrated in the safety of people by the control of works of art for the prevention of accidents, in actions of mine clearance and in aquaculture,  but also in the simple observation of the seabed, where better image quality contributes to an ever better understanding of the world of silence.

Orphie is concerned with the prospects for innovation in the world of underwater imaging, particularly in turbid observation conditions.

We want to change the underwater inspection sector by offering a camera for underwater robots (ROV/AUV) and/or professional divers. The latter makes it possible to significantly improve the distance of visibility and thus to carry out inspections of a higher quality.

Improved viewing conditions in turbid water

A camera that, using innovative image processing algorithms, achieves real-time video image quality unmatched in the underwater camera industry.

The Orphie Camera

Greater image quality for greater exploration of the underwater world

Orphie technology offers the possibility of observing objects at a distance three times greater than current cameras.

It produces usable images making possible and simplifying visual underwater inspections.