Our partners have extensive knowledge in the library sector which complements our many years of experience in the African Library industry, bringing the latest in innovation to all countries across the African continent.

Our primary partnership with SirsiDynix was forged by synergies of our companies in the library industry. The company is responsible for Symphony, a sophisticated library management system that’s used globally. SirsiDynix is the global leader in strategic technology solutions for libraries – vital institutions whose primary mission is to make sense of the vast world of information for people and communities. They play a strategic role for libraries by offering a comprehensive integrated suite of technology solutions for improving the internal productivity of libraries and enhancing their capabilities for serving people and communities.

Dialoc ID offers library solutions in EM, RFID (HF & UHF) and Hybrid (EM/HF & EM/UHF) technology. Their products are well-known for their excellent performance, reliability and modern design, that fits every environment.

PressReader’s proprietary technology makes it possible to process thousands of newspapers every single day, extracting text and images and making articles instantly translatable, searchable, and easy to read on mobile devices. No one else has managed to pull this off. Today, PressReader’s all-you-can-read service is popular with individual subscribers and business partners alike. And as we like to say at PressReader, it’s just the beginning.

Open source software is free, yet running the software takes time and effort and requires staff resources. For libraries who want to run FOLIO in a highly cost-efficient way, but don’t have the resources to host or the staff to support the library services platform, we offer a suite of services to meet your institutions needs and goals.

Specifically designed to address the need at libraries to understand visitor numbers and demographics, it provides the capability to the Department to analyse the data compiled on our portal to easily plan library stock and budget allocations.

Resolute Education is a proudly South African education services provider. UKS together with the Resolute product offer a wide variety of robotics and coding courses that will introduce learners to a dynamic approach to thinking and problem-solving. This ability is the most critical skill to master in order to be effective in addressing the demands of the modern age.

I2S is at the cutting edge of image capture and processing, integrated into complete solutions, from photon to cloud. We capitalize on fast-growing digital technologies and we integrate them into global software and hardware solutions, 2D and 3D, wired or wireless, connected, miniaturized, suited to the final user’s values and with an optimal quality image, I2S trademark for 40 years. We contribute to the fast expansion of acquisition functions, to image restitution and utilization in ever- growing and increasingly competitive applications.

World’s first HF RFID Shelf reading robot for the libraries that all librarians dream to have one.

Library operator, using the shelf reading robot system will be able to efficiently sort the books on shelves, with minimum effort and man power.