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At the heart of SirsiDynix's technology offerings for libraries and consortia is its integrated library system (ILS), Symphony. UKS delivers superior technology, outstanding customer service, and the backing of a worldwide organization in place to help ensure they make the most of their investments in the ILS technology infrastructure.

With Symphony leading the way for the future, UKS continues a 25-year commitment to providing libraries and consortia of all types and sizes a backbone system they can and do rely on to run their operations better and smarter, while serving their users. What we really provide is an enterprise solution – open, industry-standard, versatile, scalable technology for managing all technical and public services within libraries and consortia. With our ILS technology, libraries and consortia aren't just buying a product, though our ILS products offer n-tier architecture, open APIs, leading-edge security and authentication, and other leading technologies such as Java. In reality, our users are investing in the future of their institutions when they choose the SirsiDynix ILS distributed by UKS.

Comprehensive functionality Symphony provides comprehensive ILS functionality, including both basic and advanced capabilities for Circulation, Cataloguing, Serials, Acquisitions, Outreach, Materials Booking, Reserves, Accountability, and more. Each module is developed separately and all seamlessly fit into the overall integrated SirsiDynix Symphony system. SirsiDynix Symphony features a single, integrated staff client interface for all public and technical services software functions. WorkFlows®, SirsiDynix Symphony's staff interface, uses the latest Java, Windows®, user interface, and client/server technologies to produce an innovative and flexible approach to library information management. SirsiDynix Symphony also offers new Web browser-based staff client interfaces that support most critical circulation, cataloging, and report functions. (This staff client is sold separately).

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